School Curriculum Coaching

In school hours Soccerwise deliver a number of different programmes, all of which are in line with the National Curriculum.

The purpose of the Soccerwise Coaching Sessions are to enable the children/players to experience Sport as part of the National Curriculum.

We will focus on the importance of practising and exploring different ways of sending, receiving and traveling with equipment & awareness of space.

The players are encouraged to understand the importance of warming up and cooling down, the different roles within the game, fair play and positive attitude.

There will be opportunity for players to experience small sided games and develop their understanding of team work

The first session will be used to explore the ability level of the players, careful to take into account the needs of both the group and individuals.

From this, each session will be carefully planned. Coaches will follow a lesson plan that takes into account the players age understanding & skill level.

School Curriculum Coaching Gallery